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Project made available from 6 February 2015 to 6 May 2015

Practical workshops

In recent months we kept offering practical workshops organized in and outside the Slovak National Corpus Department. The workshops offered an opportunity to many people, interested in the work with corpus sources, to learn how to query the databases and even how to use more sophisticated search queries.

Cooperation with text contributors

The group of text contributors has expanded again with renowned authors. Our inventory has been enriched with texts from publishing houses Millanium and DAXE, from St. Elisabeth University of Health and Social Work and book reviews available from Martinus.sk. Just to mention but a few Slovak authors: songwriter and playwright Milan Lasica, poetess Emília Husárová, writers Monika Vajdová and Slávka Koleničová; precious are also the fairytales, poems and plays by Mária Rázusová-Martáková. Parallel corpora can be extended thanks to translators Heather Trebatická and Milan Richter. Besides the cooperation with St. Elisabeth University of Health and Social Work, we received specialized texts from the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and many others. Thank you for helping us build the Slovak National Corpus!

Slovak Terminology Database

Since the start of the year, the Slovak Terminology Database has seen the creation of new terminology records in two categories – the mass media communication field has 77 new terms covered and the chess terminology increased by 110 new term records. Besides, we managed to carry out several system changes and to add terminology information into existent term records.

Project Analysis of terminology work of Ján Horecký as an inspiration for the terminology management of the 21st century in Slovakia

The SNC team started a new project: VEGA n° 2/0114/15 that aims to analyse a vast body of terminology texts by professor Ján Horecký. His terminology work is inspiring even today not only in terms of building the Slovak Terminology Database but also for the whole terminology research and planning in Slovakia. However, it is worth updating. The project includes compilation of a selective commented bibliography of Ján Horecký focusing on the terminology theory and work and making it available on-line on the web page of the Slovak Terminology Database.

Collocation Dictionary

Dictionary of Slovak Collocations. Nouns, the first collocation dictionary of Slovak is ready to be printed. The work comprising 250 substantive entries represents a source of various word combinations ranging from frequent and typical collocations, through fixed set of words all the way to idioms and phrasemes. Printed version of the dictionary will be available for everyone in the next few days.

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