New Book Releases

Časovanie slovies v slovenčine – The publication Conjugation of verbs in Slovak (M. Zumrík – D. Majchráková – L. Miháliková, 2022) follows up on the work Declension of nouns in Slovak with corpus examples (Garabík et al., 2016) and describes a complex system of verb conjugation in Slovak. The focus is put firstly on formal processing of language data, which is then further analyzed through the prism of morphematics and morphology. For illustration purposes, the verb division is processed schematically and the identified conjugation types and paradigms are characterized also from the quantitative point of view. In addition to this, the work offers a practical Alphabetical list of words with representatives of the relevant conjugation types. The publication is therefore intended not only for linguists, but also for all those interested in Slovak language.
ZUMRÍK, Miroslav – MAJCHRÁKOVÁ, Daniela – MIHÁLIKOVÁ, Lucia: Časovanie slovies v slovenčine. Bratislava: Vydavateľstvo Mikula 2022. 384 s. ISBN 978-80-99987-03-7.