Searching with no registration

A basic, limited search with no registration is also available through a simpler WWW interface (only a few corpora available e.g. prim-6.0-public-all, r-mak-3.0, and no statistics is shown).

In order to use the WWW interface, you have to agree with the conditions below:

  • Texts included in the Slovak National Corpus (SNK) have been acquired from their authors or copyright holders for other, i.e. non-commercial, use of the works in accordance with the copyright law. As a user I agree that I shall use the texts only for scientific, research, educational or other non-commercial purposes.
  • I will cite all the data acquired from the Slovak National Corpus (concordances, frequencies, and other data acquired from all or selected texts) according to the particular part of the SNK. When citing one specific work (newspaper, magazine, book, article, etc.), I will mention the SNK as a primary source and an identification of the particular text according to the bibliographical standard.
  • The citation will not exceed 100 words of continuous text.
  • I will not intentionaly attempt to hamper the SNK computer system nor will I try to acquire an unauthorized access to the information from the SNK outside of provided range.