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Slovenský národný korpus. Používanie, príklady, postupy – The textbook, a sequel of the book Slovenský národný korpus Texty, anotácie, vyhľadávania, is intended for linguists, teachers of Slovak and foreign languages of all school levels, translators, students and all those interested in corpus and language databases. The general objective of both authors is to present as many search methods as possible step by step and also according to known needs and skills of current users as well as to show the diversity of the language and its dynamics. The book offers the possibility to present different usage of corpora in school practice for preparation of specific tasks or illustration of a current subject matter.

ŠIMKOVÁ, Mária – GAJDOŠOVÁ, Katarína: Slovenský národný korpus. Používanie, príklady, postupy. Bratislava: Jazykovedný ústav Ľ. Štúra SAV – Vydavateľstvo Mikula 2020. 336 s. ISBN 978-80-99987-00-6.