Analysis of the terminological work of Ján Horecký as an inspiration for terminological management of the 21st century in Slovakia

Coordinator: Jana Levická

Project duration: 2015-2017

Annotation: The project aimed to enrich the issue of terminology work both in terms of theory and practice. On one hand, the practical outcome of the projec is a selective commented bibliography and making it available online within the web page of the Terminology Portal of the Ľ. Štúr Institute of Linguistics together with Horecký’s full-text terminology articles as well as the volumes of Slovenské odborné názvoslovie that simplifies the access to scientific knowledge. On the other hand, the project team published a Slovak-English monograph consisting of analytical studies of Horecký’s theory and attituted towards terminology work and also a selection of his terminology papers that cover his terminology thinking and recommendations after his 1956 monograph Základy slovenskej terminológie.