KOLOKAT is a tool for visualizing collocations. Its first version was made available in the SNC on October 30, 2014. It is used to visualize the distance between the components in (two) word combinations based on the written corpus prim-6.1-public-all. Since some phrases are more fixed than other, the graphical representation of collocations shows whether the phrase is “tightly-knit” or “loose”, how many words occur in between the individual components and in how many instances. Some expressions are fixed (Kitty cat), in some, the second word may be modified by other attributes (be careful but also be very careful, be extremely careful, be as careful as possible), sometimes the second member “must” be modified (“Ambassador of the Kingdom » is practically non-existent, it is always the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium…), etc. Please type selected phrase.
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