Archive of Dialects of the SNC

Archive of Dialects of the SNC (AN SNK) is an extensive electronic collection of audio recordings of dialect speeches along with related resources. The archive started to be constructed in 2013 by the section of the Ľudovít Štúr Institute of Linguistics, Slovak Academy of Sciences which maintains the Slovak National Corpus, with the cooperation of several universities in Slovakia and individual providers. While its resources are intended primarily for dialectological research, historians, ethnologists, culturologists and the general public are welcome to use it, too.
The third version of the archive’s interactive database has been available to anybody interested in working with the dialect corpus since 20 December 2018. It contains 333 dialect recordings lasting more than 74 hours and was produced by eleven individual and seven institutional providers. In comparison to second version, the mots recent version contains  additional information on 53 recordings (PO-23 to PO-54), processed at a different level of quality.

The first version of the archive database came online in August 2017 and contained information on 100 dialect recordings from 11 different providers. The second version was made available in December 2017 and included information from 280 dialect recordings also from 11 different providers.

The database provides information on the explorers, respondents and audio recordings such as the type of dialect, where it was recorded and the age of the respondent. Some of the information is publicly available in summary table. Once registered (agata.karcova @, work can be conducted with the entire database. User can listen to specific recordings from Archive of Dialects in the Slovak National Corpus Department upon agreement.

Contact details:

Agáta Karčová
e-mail: agata.karcova @ 
phone: +421 (2) 5441 0307

Map of dialectsMapa


Štolc, J. a kolektív autorov: Atlas slovenského jazyka I. Vokalismus a konsonantizmus. Mapy. Bratislava: Slovenská akadémia vied 1968.

Digitalization of the map:

Slovak National Corpus (november 2014)