Creating morphological tags

A simple tool for creating morphological tags was created using the rules of morphological annotation applied in the Slovak National Corpus. To select the relevant category, move the mouse cursor to the dot in the line next to that category (e.g. a word class, a case, a person). The selection modifies the items in the table according to their relevance for the category at hand (e.g. upon selecting a preposition, only 2 options remain in the table: the form of the preposition and its case). At the same time, a complete  morphological tag is continuously generated next to the table, which can be used to search for specific language units in the corpus (e.g. nouns with adjective paradigm or animate nouns in I pl.). If you do not use any of the item options, it will be automatically supplemented with the regular expression “.”, which means that anything from the relevant category (e.g., any case) may appear in the given place. Several unused items in a row will be supplemented with the regular expression “.*“. The RESET function, the last item in each line, is used to cancel the selected item or to return to the basic table with the entire menu offer. Clicking the RESET ALL function below the table cancels all currently defined items in the tag below the table and also returns to the base table so that one can define a new selection if necessary. In case you need an opposite procedure, you can find the reconstruction of morphological tags here.
slovný druh.reset
slovesná forma.reset
druh príčastia.reset
forma predložky.reset
zhoda v rode.reset
zhoda v čísle.reset
zhoda v páde.reset
CQL: [tag=”.*”]