Slovko 2023

12th International Conference

Natural Language Processing and Corpus Linguistics

18–20 October 2023

Organizer: Slovak National Corpus, Ľ. Štúr Institute of Linguistics, SAS, Bratislava

Venue: Hotel Devín
Riečna 4, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia


Slovko 2023


Slovko 2023 is over. We thank all the participants for attending the conference.


Papers published in the special issue of the Journal of Linguistics, 2023, Vol. 74, No 1. can be found here.


  • Łukasz Grabowski: From Solitary Corpus Analysis to Collective Insight: A Glimpse into Translation and Lexicography / 18 October 2023, slides
  • Daniel Kluvanec: eTranslation as a EU Flagship Use Case of Natural Language Processing / 19 October 2023, slides


  • The organising committee of the SLOVKO 2023 conference have not denied participation of any researcher for reasons of heritage, nationality, or citizenship, which in most cases lies outside of an individual’s immediate control.
  • The sole criterion for the choice of papers for the proceedings as well for the choice of presentations within the conference programme is the scientific quality assured by anonymous reviewing process of our international scientific committee.
  • The conference adhers to the official position of the Slovak Academy of Sciences as well as of the Ľ. Štúr Institute of Linguistics on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent war. At the same time, the Academy – under no circumstances – seeks to apply the principle of collective guilt. Therefore, individuals from Russia who wish to participate can do so only as independent, unaffiliated scholars.