Text metadata

Example of annotation:

doc.nameZápisy právnych úkonov žilinských mešťanov (1380 – 1561) 
doc.sourceKuchar, Rudolf: Žilinská právna kniha. Preklad Magdeburského práva – Zápisy právnych úkonov žilinských mešťanov. Bratislava: VEDA 2009. 208 s. 
doc.comment12 / 70 – 1468 // 20 

Explanation of annotation:

doc.idIt is an abbreviation of the year of creation of the document and its title. If the year is unknown, the numerical data indicates the first two digits of the year + xx. So a document dated to the 18th century is marked as 17xx. 1718-62.1718-62. 
doc.placePlace of creation: the geographical place where the document was created (usually the name of the city). The current name or historical name is given if it was so given in the original document.Krupina 
doc.nameConcise, informative name of the document; it can be either in the original language (if it exists in the original source), i.e. j. in historical Slovak, or often in Latin, or it can be a description in modern Slovak. .Výpovede svedkov o strigách (výber). 
doc.sourceThe original source of the document, usually the name of an archive, a collection, a fund, a library. Abbreviations of institutions are used as appropriate in  Pramene k dejinám slovenčiny. An overview of the archives and libraries where the original texts are stored can be found on p. 397.ŠOKA vo Zvolene, pob. Krupina, Súdy nad strigami, s. 105, 107 — 108, 111 — 113. 
doc.commentAny comment relevant to the given document, often specifying bibliographic sources or the method of acquiring or creating the document. 

Document dating in the form:

a. the exact year
b. range of years
c. if an exact year is  unknown, only the first two digits of the year are given. So a document dated to the 18th century will be marked in the shape of 17.
d. if the dating only indicates a range of centuries, it is marked according to point c), i.e. if the document is in the range of the 17th to 18th centuries, it will be displayed as 16xx-17xx. 

doc.biblioBibliographic information – given only with works that are taken from the printed version.