Specific structure tags

In version hist-6.0 the following structure tags are used:

Structure tagsValueExplanationExampleNote
<noise>Ruptured textInformation on hard-to-read reconstructed text.<noise> ar … + Adonay </noise> 
Omitted textText omitted for several reasons, e. g. in case of a long hard-to-read text, or in case of a section written in foreign language etc.<de></de>Omitted text in German. The tag “…“ represents one tag (not 3 separate dots).
/Word splitIn case of two or more words written together, words are divided by slash on tokens, in accordance with the current orthography. s/nim, z/nassich, na/hlawu 
Word joiningIn case of word split (within a line, not at the end), that should be written together, ligature provides information where the word was split. Such word is searched as a single token. ssetko oči‿sti; Žensku nemoc Pry‿ly‿ssneho toku zastawugeGiven split words can be searched in two ways: Prylyssneho aj Prylyssneho
<miss>Text preserved in transcription onlySome pages are preserved as transcribed texts only and can be found in the Department of the Slovak Language History, Onomastics and Etymology of the LSIL SAS , the original text was missing (or a photocopy). In such case, the page is marked as “missing”.<miss>… Koho hlawa boli War mrtwu žihlawu w/wine/aneb w wode a/uwaž sy na hlawu Proti čerweneg nemocy . Hales vtluč na/prach a pi w palenem . </miss> 
[]Abbreviation written downSome abbreviations are written down using square brackets, the written part of the abbreviation is  shown in the brackets.u Ge[ho] M[i]l[o]stjThe original  short text was: u Ge Mlstj
|Word with 2 possible “readings”In case that a word allows for 2 possible readings,  a vertical line separates the two possible word variants. tzytedlnost|czytedlnost 

The following tags used for foreign languages:

Structure tag ExplanationExample
<la>Latin<la> Anno 1660 in mense o[cto]bri[s] . </la>
<de>German<de> Wildfeuer </de> to gest djwy ohen
<hu>Hungarian<hu> SZLOVÁK HERBÁRIUM </hu>
<he>Hebrew<he> Adonay </he>
<el>Greek<el> Tetragramaton </el>
<frg>an unknown language or overlapping languages<frg> Jchmachataton </frg>

In hist-5.0, in addition to the above mentioned tags, several other tags were used:

Structure tag AbbreviationValueExplanationExampleNote
remark<rem>lang=“la/de/hu/he/el/frg“Information on language of token/tokens annotated by <rem> <rem lang=”la”>Item</rem>Text in Latin
remark<rem>abb=“…“written down abbreviation<rem abb=”et cetera”>etc.</rem>